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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

No advice???

So no one has any advice for my friend? That is too bad. I have been racking my brains trying to help her and was hoping to come here today and get some ideas! That is ok. I think my friend is going to be ok.

I have been really busy with children lately. Talk about feeling like a taxi and a babysitter! Pretty soon I am going to turn bright yellow and reflect light! Anyway, I find that this makes me so busy and my schedule is just coordinating who to drop off and who to pick up when and where, etc, etc, etc. It is not so bad except when I am not feeling well (which has been a lot lately).

Monday, January 31, 2005

All things are NOT 100%

I just found out an interesting thing. What if you found out that after getting your tubes tied (to prevent pregnacy) that you all of a sudden found yourself pregnant!!! AHHHHHH!!!!! I am having to console one of my best friends because this just happened to her. I am trying to decide what is the best way to congratulate her and console her at the same time. I know how she feels, but I know she does not need this right now. Any thoughts would greatly be appreciated!

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

OK, Maybe not


OK. I thought I was back from the dead, but apparently I am not. I have just been feeling so sick lately I just can't bring myslef to even write anything.

This past weekend I went and did some sight seeing. I saw some extinct volcanoes and just did some general exploring. It was really fun...or should I say relaxing? I think what made it "fun" was that it was so relaxing!!! I find I don't do that much anymore. I would like to make a point to do that more make more personal time.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Back from the Dead


OK. I know I haven't been around much lately. I have been busy with life, I guess.

I checked out my SIL's blog and I thought it was interesting that she posted 100 interesting things about herself. She is an amazing person and I could come up with tons more things than that. So I thought, wouldn't it be neat to start a list of 100 great things about someone you admire? Maybe that is a little too cliche. I don't know. But I find people rarely tell the people they are closest to how much they admire their specific traits (but they are always quick to point out the ones they don't like!). I am guilty of this too.

Anyway, I have survived another blowup with my youngest in-law. She likes to act like nothing happened but I know it did. I love her to death, it is just when we start getting pulled into these childish situations it drives me insane. It was so bad that my MIL called to tell my DH that he HAD to let her do something with my daughters that we weren't even aware she wanted to do. It is a long story and I know I am being vague, but I do love her. It just drives me crazy!

Friday, November 26, 2004

Busiest Shopping Day of the Year


Let me just begin by saying that I made it through Thanksgiving ok. My oldest daughters were quite helpful this year in helping with making the dinner. In fact, they took the initiative to do things I didn't even ask them to (that rarely EVER happens!). It was nice to see how helpful everyone was and how everyone got along.

Anyway, I went out and did the crazy shopping today. Let me just say I am so tired and ready to sleep. I waited in line for 2 1/2 hours in one store just to have one piece of fabric measured and cut and cut just to move to another line to wait another 30 minutes to check out. I would have waited that long if it weren't a family tradition.

I made it through Thanksgiving and managed not to decorate for Christmas at all. I am proud of myself. Of course now I am looking to do that. I find that is never a problem since my kids are so willing to help with Christmas decorating. In fact, sometimes they help "too much" and I have to wait until they are gone to fix things the way they are supposed to be.

Happy Holidays to everyone.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Coming together


Well it looks like my PTA project has come together. And, if it hasn't, it is almost over and there isn't anything I can do now. I am winding down on that project and gearing up for Thanksgiving dinner. I have some decorating to do but my daughter was nice enough to do the shopping off of a list I had made.

I think of Thanksgiving and feel sad sometimes. I think it is one of the best holidays we have yet it seems to be forgotten year after year. It celebrates how two very different cultures got together and forgot about all their differences. If that isn't enough of a lesson, think about how it makes you pause and think of all the blessings you have in your life. I know I have a tendency to be pessimistic a lot of times. Life has beaten me down more times than I care to admit....but even with all that, I have NO DOUBT IN MY MIND that I have more things to be thankful for than not to be thankful for! I hope I can incorporate that belief into my children...the good really does outweigh the bad and there is always hope. the soap box! I can get on it once in awhile, but hopefully no one takes offense. I am not trying to offend, just trying to put on "virtual paper" the things that are in my head.

I am still not sure when my in-laws are coming for Thanksgiving. I hope they will let me know before they pull into my driveway! Right now they are acting more like MY parents than my husband's parents. I am worried that everything won't be clean enough. I KNOW my carpets aren't clean enough! Who ever decided to put light beige carpet in family homes should be shot!!! If I could afford to change the color while my children are little, I definitely would!

Friday, November 19, 2004



Does anyone have an easier way to cut circles from paper??? I am still working on my PTA project and I am going CRAZY on cutting so many circles (and they are all different sizes). I have cut out a lot, but I still have a long way to go and I thought maybe someone had an idea.

Anyway, I am still crocheting my mom's southwestern blanket for Christmas. I have put it on hold just a few days while I take care of the PTA project, but after that, it is only the blanket!!! I am almost halfway done. It is personally not my style of blanket, but I can see that she will like it (see and my dad love the southwestern decor). I think I have used up the black, red, heather gray, gray, and orange yarn in the area! If you need some, I may have extra when I am done!!! I may not be able to use those colors for awhile when I am finished.